June 11, 2020
Does that mean you don’t accept urgent requests?
Yes, we do accept them! It’s important to mention the urgency of the project at the beginning of the request so as to give it a priority and, once it has been assessed, we will do everything possible to offer our services within those limits (subject to the availability of translators).
June 11, 2020
Why is time required for texts that seem simple or that aren’t so long?
Translating is elaborate and strenuous. We translate the meaning of the text, the tone, and the structure to perfectly reflecting its purpose. It’s important to let translations idle and review them before their delivery to ensure flawless results. Additionally, it depends on the previous workload.
June 11, 2020
How is the service quoted?
Each project is estimated individually. To prepare a quote or a proposal we take several elements into consideration: the length of the document (word count), source format (web, Word, PDF, etc.), the subject and difficulty of the text, and of course, the requested delivery date.
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