June 10, 2020
Is it really necessary to share information with the interpreters?
Interpreters must quickly and fluidly translate a speech; they do not have time to perform word searches during their activities. To ensure optimal quality, interpreters need to previously study the subject.
June 10, 2020
Why is a minimum of two interpreters required in the booth?
Interpreting is a mentally strenuous activity and interpreters require full concentration to perform their jobs; therefore, after a certain time (two hours) their concentration inevitably decreases, and they could make mistakes.
June 10, 2020
I still don’t have the time schedule for my event, can I still obtain a quote?
Knowing the time schedule is essential for assigning the appropriate number of interpreters, each interpreter only works for a maximum of two hours. However, we can offer a quote for an estimated amount of hours and adjust it once the final program is available.
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