About Us

We are a company dedicated to the translation of texts and simultaneous interpretation of conferences in multiple languages. We have professionals in linguistics whose purpose is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge in specialized subjects, by means of high-tech interpretation equipment, and supported by experienced technical personnel.


Translation into more than 10 languages

High level

Native language and experience. Our team of interpreters is made up of technical experts, fluent in the working languages and with extensive experience in the market.

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Qualified interpreters

Specialized in

● Health and biomedical sciences ● Technology industry ● Government sector ● Automotive industry ● Manuifacturing industry ● Financial sector ● Construction and civil engineering sector ● Mining ● Education sector ● Footwear and fashion sector ● Legal sector
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Interpreting Equipment

High Technology

The very best for your event. We offer top of the line interpreting equipment both stationary and portable (body pack), silent conferences, microphones, audio and video

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April 15, 2020

¿Que son las cabinas de traducción?

Las cabinas de interpretación simultánea o también llamadas cabinas de traducción, es donde se lleva a cabo una interpretación simultánea. Los intérpretes se ubican dentro de esta unidad, así mismo monitorean, la mesa de ponencia o escenario a través de la consolas y equipo audio del recinto para emitir la traducción que llega a los asistentes a través de los receptores de audio en el idioma de su preferencia.
April 15, 2020

Diferencia entre Interpretación simultanea y consecutiva

En la interpretación simultánea el ponente no se detiene en ningún momento para que se traduzca lo que ha dicho antes de continuar, en la interpretación consecutiva el ponente se detiene para que se traduzca lo que ha dicho antes de continuar
April 16, 2020

Traducción simultanea para eventos

April 17, 2020

Traducción simultanea y consecutiva

April 19, 2020

Equipo de audio para traducción

April 19, 2020


Es aquella en la que se traduce oralmente el discurso a medida que se va desarrollando. El intérprete, instalado en una cabina insonorizada, escucha a través de audífonos un discurso que traduce en tiempo real. Los oyentes lo escuchan a través de un receptor (que en ocasiones puede ser su propio celular) y audífonos. Para este servicio contamos con receptores de 1 a 18 canales, equipo digital de transmisión fijo y portátil, cabinas de aislamiento para interpretación, medias cabinas, proyectores, pantallas, microfonía y equipo de audio.
April 19, 2020

Equipo de Video

Equipo de Video
April 19, 2020

De acompañamiento

De acompañamiento La interpretación de acompañamiento o de enlace es un tipo de servicio en el cual el intérprete acompaña al cliente, o a los clientes, a donde sea que deban ir. No requiere equipo, pues no se traducen conferencias formales y siempre se trabaja con un grupo pequeño.  

What our clients say about us

  • "When we started planning our CEO Mexico College, an exclusive event for 60 high-level executive directors from around the world, we knew that we would need sophisticated and reliable translation services. As soon as I contacted Lilia, she took action offering me a quick proposal with an extremely fast response time and flexibility to provide the appropriate service for our group. Since we needed translation services in Oaxaca and in Mexico City, Lilia made all the arrangements so the equipment, translator, and tech support could travel with our group to Oaxaca; everything came out perfect and within budget. We couldn't be more satisfied with the quality of the translation as well as with the efficient and courteous service we received from Lilia and her team. Also, I consider Traducción Integral's prices competitive, but more affordable than those of a company based in the USA that we had also considered. In short, we are very satisfied with our choice and we will definitely recur to Traducción Integral for our organization's future translation needs… highly recommended!"

    Leah Romero / Associate Director of Education / Chief Executives Organization
    Leah Romero
    Chief Executives Organization
  • "Having Traducción Integral at our congresses has always been a guarantee, both for those present as for the speakers. It is of maximum benefit to be able to interact with foreign professors thanks to the simultaneous translation that allows Question & Answer sessions both in English as in Spanish" Dr. José Juan Montes Bracchini./ Former President of Sociedad Mexicana de Rinología y Cirugía Plástica Facial. / Former board member of Sociedad Mexicana de Otorrinolaringología y Cirugía de Cabeza y Cuello.
    Dr. José Juan Montes Bracchini
    Sociedad Mexicana de Rinología y Cirugía Plástica Facial.
  • "The World Council of Credit Unions has been using Lilia’s services for our annual conferences since 2006. Lilia and her team have done a remarkable job; always on time, prepared, and completely flexible to fulfill the needs of our organization and attendees. The quality of the interpretations has been so precise that we even decided to take Lilia and her team to our international conferences in Europa and Asia, as well as in the United States. We highly recommend Lilia and her team. They are extremely professional and have created a solid relationship with our Spanish speaking audience"

    Sue Sabatke, CMP / Conference and Special Events Manager / World Council of Credit Unions

    Sue Sabatke, CMP
    World Council of Credit Unions
  • "We would like to sincerely congratulate Traducción Integral for the excellent simultaneous interpreting rendition. Since our first event working with you in 2004 we clearly noticed the high quality of your work which has been impeccable, punctual, and thorough knowledge of the terminology in the agricultural sector in which we specialize. We emphasize our respect for your profession" Leonora Hammer / Consultant / Agricultural Counselor's Office / Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
    Lic. Leonora Hammer
    Oficina del Consejero Agrícola.